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Our team of IVR experts can help you create custom telephony and speech applications for your unique requirements.
Our expertise includes telephony, voice user interface (VUI) design, automated speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS).

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iFront End Technologies provides 24/7 IVR support that sustains, extends and enhances the life of your IVR platform. Many vendors focus on the sale... we focus on the relationship with our customers and that starts with support!
Many vendors force their solution to an "end of life" cycle to make another sale... iFront End Technologies will make sure your solution will be supported for years to come and your investment is leveraged to the fullest

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iFront End Technologies will design either a premise or cloud base solution for your Contact Center. We don't try to force a solution that doesn't fit your business needs... instead we take your business and functional requirements in consideration to provide a solution that fits your business needs today and tomorrow. We do not have any relationships with Contact Center vendors, so our recommendations are purely unbiased.

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Are your customer entry points working as expected? iMonitorIT is the ONLY monitoring service that has a 24/7 command center to ensure your technologies is working!
We provide pro-active monitoring for your IVR, Customer Service Lines, Fax, Automated Attendant, Web, SMS Text and Mobile applications.
Alerts are sent directly to your support staff.

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WELCOME TO iFront End Technologies

Low Cost Speech Recognition is finally here! Speech recognition (ASR) has been around for a while now, but most companies could not justify the cost to use speech technologies until now!.

We can provide professional class Speech and TTS at the same price that most IVR vendors charge for touch tone capability.

Custom Solutions

iFront End Technologies provides custom solutions to fit your business and technicial needs. We can interface with your current infrastructure or design an integrated solution from the ground up.

Client Testimonial

  • iFront End Technologies has exceeded our expectations for support! They are always very responsive and go the "extra mile" to make sure our system and application is functioning at the highest. Our customers never know when we have system issues because of the design and support iFront End Technologies have provided.
    - CalNational Bank

  • I work with many vendors and receive various quality of support from each. I can ultimately say that iFront End Technologies has provided the best support of all my vendors. They take the time to listen to my concerns and are pro-active on many situations.
    - Toshiba America Business Solutions
  • When you process over 10 million calls a day... things can become stressful fast! iFront End Technologies are able to quickly focus on the issue, identify the root cause and provide resolution. They are a vendor we have grown to trust.
    - Bank of America
  • During the growth of our company through acquisitions... iFront End Technologies was able to quickly respond with immediate application modifications. They are an important vendor for our business and wish other vendors were more like them!
    - US Bank
  • iFront End Technologies has supported our IVR application and system for over 10 years. They are quick to respond to our business needs and we depend on their support and expertise.
    - NBC Universal Studios