Support has a direct and "Customer Impacting" effect on your technology solution.

Choose a vendor that will be there when you need them.

Choose a vendor that has automated tools that can provide pro-active support that will identify issues, before they impact your business.

Choose a vendor that you can trust!

24/7 On-call Support

iFront End Technologies offer 24/7 On-call support service.

For customers under contract, we provide:

* Immediate response for system down issues.
* Diagnose, Analyze and identify "root cause" issues. Provide resolution.
* Pro-Active internal and external monitoring. We find issues before they become "customer impacting".
* Ongoing System and Application tuning.
* We monitor system and application logs for errors.

Time and Material Support

iFront End Technologies offer "Time and Material" support service.

For customers that are not under contact, we provide:

* Diagnose, Analyze and identify "root cause" issue.
* Run traces and recreate the issue (if necessary).
* Analyze system and application logs (if necessary).
* Provide estimate for system and/or application fixes.

Note: Minimum charge for initial analysis is typically 2-4 hours.

New Technologies

Speech Recognition, Text to speech, VOIP, SIP, IVR, ACD, PBX, ANI, DNIS, Call Recording, "Click to Call", Linux, Windows Server, Lync, OCS, Gateway, Router, Switches, MPLS, SMS, VXML, Java, Perl, Python, JSP, XML, SQL, Web Services, Socket processing.

A bunch of acronyms and technologies... how do you keep track of trends and technology?
Partner with a vendor that understands and utilizes the technologies today that help you prepare for tomorrow.

Client Testimonial

  • iFront End Technologies has exceeded our expectations for support! They are always very responsive and go the "extra mile" to make sure our system and application is functioning at the highest. Our customers never know when we have system issues because of the design and support iFront End Technologies have provided.
    - CalNational Bank

  • I work with many vendors and receive various quality of support from each. I can ultimately say that iFront End Technologies has provided the best support of all my vendors. They take the time to listen to my concerns and are pro-active on many situations.
    - Toshiba America Business Solutions
  • When you process over 10 million calls a day... things can become stressful fast! iFront End Technologies are able to quickly focus on the issue, identify the root cause and provide resolution. They are a vendor we have grown to trust.
    - Bank of America
  • During the growth of our company through acquisitions... iFront End Technologies was able to quickly respond with immediate application modifications. They are an important vendor for our business and wish other vendors were more like them!
    - US Bank
  • iFront End Technologies has supported our IVR application and system for over 10 years. They are quick to respond to our business needs and we depend on their support and expertise.
    - NBC Universal Studios